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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Graduated from Fine Arts Schools “Manuel Belgrano” and “PrilidianoPueyrredón”  as National teacher of drawing and as National High School teacher of Painting and Sculpture.

Attended post graduate courses for teachers at CCCP and a University extension Seminar at the University Art Institute IUNA.

Trained at sculpture with master Roberto Castejón, wax modelling with master Antonio Pujía and drawing with master Aurelio Macchi, and makes an incursion into textile art learning batik and macrame.

Has worked as a teacher at the workshop of inventions for the solidarity action plan of the Buenos Aires City Hall.

As a teacher trainer she has worked at preschool for Martin Buber school in annual projects as well as theatrical productions for preschool, primary and high school.

This Fine Art Artist also takes part in both individual and group exhibitions.

Has designed and set up settings for Las Heras shopping center in Buenos Aires.

Currently teaches Visual Arts at IUNA, at Fernando Arranz School of Ceramics as well as at prívate schools in Buenos Aires City.


1987 1st MENTION Sculpture A.P.S. Salon of Fine Arts.
1997 3rd MENTION Sculpture Salon Spring – SEDEBA – City Council
1998 1st MENTION Sculpture UTE Exhibition Hall of Drawing, Painting, Etching and Sculpture
1999 1st PRIZE XXIV Avellaneda Municipal Salon of  Exhibition. Acquisition of the Sculpture.
2005  3rd MENTION Sculpture. UTE Exhibition Hall.
2006  1st PRIZE Sculpture.  UTE Exhibition Hall.
2007  MENTION Sculpture. LII National Salon of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano.


2012-“A Narrative of Light” French Alliance, Martínez Branch – Buenos Aires.
1984 Batik.Superville Bank.
1983 Batik.Tortoni Café


2014 Sculpture Rectorado- three chairs/ two proyectuales /one OTAV - IUNA. LIX Municipal Salon Manuel Belgrano 2014. Museum of Fine Arts Ed. Sívori

2015 LX Municipal Salon Manuel Belgrano 2015. 104° EDITION - National Salon of Visual Arts 2015- Sculpture

2013 LVIII Manuel Belgrano XII Salon of Small Format in Vicente Lopez, Cultural Center Quinta Trabucco.

2011 National Salon of Visual Arts – New Supports and Installations.
-  LVII Municipal Salon Manuel Belgrano

2010 International Call of Mail Art. Santa Fe the Province that Walks map Nº 25
- Exhibition Project DinA4 -   Provincial Museum of Art. Santa Rosa. La Pampa

Exhibition 10x15 “Space of Freedom”- International Show of Mail Art – organizes group of Postgraduates Mixed  Artistic Languages IUNA, Art Gallery Palermo H.  
UNIART 1º University Fair of Art, Design, Cultural Tourism and Handicrafts.
Secretariat of University Extension. IUNA, Teacher's and Student’s Exhibition.

2009- Artist’s Plaques. III – Ceramic.  Paso de los Libres City Hall. Corrientes. Argentina.- Third Edition. Public and Participative Art. Murals located in public places of the city.
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2007 MENTION.LII Salon of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano.

2006 Exhibition All Together – Cultural Center      Quinta Trabucco
- 30 years for the future. Art Space P. Pueyrredon School – IUNA – University Extension.
- 1st Prize. Salon of Sculpture UTE. CGP Nº 14 West.

2005 ARTE BA – IUNA – University Extension- Teacher’s Exhibition.
- Exhibition All Together. Venue: Casa de la Cultura de Buenos Aires. IUNA. Teachers’ exhibition – Artist’s Book.
- 3rd MENTION Salon of Sculpture UTE C.G.P Nº 14 West.

2004 Salon of Painting UTE. Adán Buenos Aires Center.  

2000 8th Annual Salon of Painting, Etching and Sculpture.

1999 1st PRIZE Acquisition of the sculpture. XXIV Municipal Salon of Fine Arts. Avellaneda.

1998 62nd Autumn Salon. SAAP. National Library.
-  ARTEC MB Exhibition. Matín Buber School.
- 1st MENTION Sculpture. Salon of Painting, Etching and Sculpture

1997 Art November School Nº 10 DE 17.
- 3rd MENTION Sculpture. Spring Salon SEDEBA- City Council

1996 Art November School Nº 10 DE 17.

1995 Autumn Salon SAAP. Sculpture.
- For the Love of Art. Collective Exhibition. Sculptures. School Nº 30 DE 9
- Art November School Nº 10 DE 17.

1994 August Salon – SAAP Sculptures

1993 City council. Exhibition “Emerging Art”

1992 S.M.A.T.A. Art Hall. Sponsored by The Argentine Fund for the Arts. Sculptures
- C.A.D.A. Cooperative Bank of Caseros Fund. Batik

1991 “Prilidiano Pueyrredon” Museum. San Isidro. C.A.D.A.
- Asunción House of Culture – Paraguay. C.A.D.A. Batik
- French Alliance. R Castejón’s workshop. Sculptures
- Painting and sculpture exhibition. Cultural center Cathedral.

1990 Marechal Center. C.A.D.A. Batik
-  Municipality of Carlos Casares. Batik.
-  National Fund for the Arts. C.A.D.A Batik
-  French Alliance. R Castejón’s workshop. Sculptures
-  Open class of sculpture. School for Children with High Social Vulnerability Nº 1 AND Nº 26

1989 Manzana de las Luces. Carlos Casares. C.A.D.A. Batik
     - EXPO ARTE. Batik.
     - House of the Province of Santa fe. C.A.D.A. Batik.
     -  National Fund for the Arts. C.A.D.A Batik

1988 National Mortgage Bank. Sculptures
-  Autumn Salon SAAP. Sculptures
- Liberarte. Sculptures
- The Royal Bank of Canada. C.A.D.A. Batik.
- Manzana de las Luces. C.A.D.A. Batik.
-  "Saturnino Segurola" School Centenary. Batik.
- Craftsman’s workshop “Las Malvinas” 2nd Annual Exhibition
-  Fine Arts Artists’ Exhibitions. A.A.A.J.Club. Sculptures

1987 Harrods. C.A.D.A. Batik.
- Headquarters of the Institute of Social Services for retirees and Pensioners (PAMI). C.A.D.A. Batik.
- 1st MENTION Sculpture.  Fine Arts Salon at APS.
- Artist House. Association of People from Avellaneda. Macrame.
-  National Fund for the Arts. C.A.D.A Batik
-  Annual Craftsman’s workshop. “Las Malvinas” 1st Exhibition.

1986 2nd Salon of Tapestry at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. Batik
-  National fund for the Arts. C.A.D.A. Batik
- Casa de "Evaristo Carriego". Macrame.

1984 Individual Exhibition Superville Bank. Batik.
- Culture day at Buenos Aires City Hall. Sports Center Pomar. Batik
- School Nº 15. Batik.

1983 Individual Exhibition – Tortoni Café- Batik

1982 Cultural Association “ Florentino Ameghino” Painting.